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Managing Restructures and Change


Why do some organisations struggle with the concept of change, now that it seems to have become a regular feature of organisational life? Find out what the key components are to successful organisational change and how to implement them in this article.

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Managing Recruitment and Selection

The Pitfalls of Interviewing: a Guide for the Interviewer

How many times do you hear managers complaining about the “time wasted in interviewing”? Here are a few tips that will help in selecting and recruiting staff more successfully.

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Managing Employees’ Performance and Employment

The Price of Office Coffee

According to research providing free coffee in the workplace costs employers an average of £288 per employee per year. So businesses with a headcount of 40 staff could be paying out an incredible £11,520 per annum (excluding the price of the coffee itself!).

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The Bargain (or Psychological Contract)

Getting the employment relationship right and establishing and maintaining a positive psychological contract results in a positive impact on business performance. The concept of the bargain is a powerful one and if applied correctly, can be reinforced with unexpectedly positive results.

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Employee Engagement

Several studies have shown that employees who and are engaged and enthusiastic about their jobs, deliver higher performance and are more quality oriented and more productive. Practical suggestions and how to put them into action are contained in this article.

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“Grania has run excellent workshops on interview techniques for our post graduate students. With her admirable grasp of the topic, and her flair for presenting, she provided our students with valuable information in preparation for their future employment. Her supportive and engaging manner and the positive feedback we received were observed by many of us”.

Penelope Nestel, Course Director, MSc Public Health Nutrition School of Medicine University of Southampton.

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